Fee Only

The reason we chose to be a fee only investment advisory
firm is pretty simple.  We want to offer the best solutions to
our clients without them having to wonder if this is the best
thing for them or the best thing for their advisor.

Because we accept no commissions from any source you
know that when we make a recommendation it is because we
truly believe it will help you reach your goals.
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As an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm,
Oak Street Advisors is free to survey the entire landscape
of investment options to find the very best opportunities for

We are not bound by corporate strictures that might limit
your choices.  There are no hidden agendas or proprietary
products to push.  Our open architecture allows us to bring
in outside expertise when it is needed, and to coordinate
with other advisors to help you achieve all your financial
Fiduciary Care

Because Oak Street Advisors is a registered investment
advisor we are held to the highest standard of client care in
the industry.  We are required by law to act as a fiduciary.

That simply means that we always put your interests first.  
Additionally, we disclose all fees and any conflicts of interest
that might impact our clients.  We strive to make a full and
fair representation of the pros and cons of any course of
action we might recommend.
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