Take a test drive with our $299 fiscal check-up.  If you
have questions about your asset allocation, stock or
mutual fund holdings, or 401k investment options, if you
want to know if you are on track to reach your retirement
goal or fund your children's education, if you have
questions about your life insurance or long term care
needs, or if you simply want a second opinion but don't
want to be "sold" something.  Here is your chance to get
the answers you are looking for with no long term

Simply send an email  to testdrive@oakadvisors.com to
request an interview package.  Or call
843.946.9868.  Once you have submitted the
background information we will schedule a one hour
session where we will address any three financial
concerns you have.  There is no 'sales' pitch, only
professional advice that could make a big difference for
you and your family.
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It had been said that if you fail to plan you plan to fail.  Developing a road map for you and your family's
financial future should be a priority for everyone.  Oak Street Advisors is here to help you get started in
the right direction.

  • Retirement Income Planning - Okay, you are already retired.  But there are still questions
          that keep you  up at night, questions you should have the answer to like:

    How much income can you count on from your savings and investments?   
    Will your spouse have enough income if you are no longer here?
    Are your investments working together to achieve your goals?
    Are you taking too much risk?
  • Education Planning - With the ever escalating cost of higher education it is essential that
          you make plans to afford your children and grand children the education they need to
          survive in todays work world.  We can help you to learn:

            How much will a college education cost?
            How much do you need to save to fund college expenses?
            What type accounts should you use to save for college?     

  • Estate Planning- If you have planned properly and invested wisely you can expect to have
         assets left that you would like to leave to your heirs.  But will it really work out that way.

    Will your assets be subject to unnecessary   delay and expense from probate?
    Who will make financial and health care decisions for you if you become
    Will my assets be protected from estate taxes?
    Should you use a corporate trustee or a member of your family to administer your

  • Protection Planning - Of course you want and need to protect yourself and your family
         from the unexpected.  

            How much life insurance do you really need?
            What kind of life insurance do you need?  
            What happens to you and your family if you become disabled?
            How can you afford to pay for long term health care?

  • Investment Planning - With all the uncertainty in the markets and economy there are
         many reasons for concern about how your hard earned money is invested.

            Are you taking too much risk or not enough?
            Do you really need a variable annuity?   
            Do you have the right mix of investments and for the right reasons?
            Do you have a process to protect yourself when markets plummet?

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