In addition to financial planning services, Oak Street Advisors offers a wide range of investment options for individuals.  Our
solutions are customized to help you reach your personal goals.  We offer simple, easy to understand solutions designed for
your unique circumstances.

Fat Pitch Exchange Traded Fund Strategy

Oak Street Advisors’ primary investment strategy uses exchange traded funds to implement our client’s
investment plans.  Exchange traded funds or ETF’s offer several benefits that Oak Street Advisors
believes make them efficient vehicles for investing in the capital markets.

  • Diversification – Based on broad market indices or on specific market sectors, one transaction
represents participation in many securities.
  • Transparency – The methodology and holding of each ETF is known on a daily basis.
  • Low Fund Level Expenses – Many ETF’s offer very low expense ratios.
  • Liquidity – ETF’s trade on major exchanges like a stock and can be bought or sold whenever the   exchanges are
  • Broad Selection – ETF’s allow the targeting of large cap, mid cap, and small cap companies, as
well as, choice of investment style whether it be growth or value; as well as, specialty areas such
as financials, technology, or foreign companies.  Bond portfolios can be purchased which offer
different credit quality, maturity ranges, and durations.

Diversification is one of the keys to reducing risk or volatility in an individual portfolio.  Oak Street
Advisors uses a variety of ETF’s to implement our client’s investments plans.

Each asset class and market segment can offer attractive opportunities for investment, but at any given
time, each will perform differently in the marketplace.  Growth companies may sometimes perform well
when value companies do not. Bonds may sometimes offer better opportunities than stocks. Foreign
investment may sometimes do better than domestic companies, while sometimes cash is still king.  For
these reasons Oak Street Advisors continually monitors different market sectors and asset classes and
adjusts our client’s portfolios in response to changing market conditions.  Each adjustment is geared
toward improving short term and long term portfolio performance, while remaining consistent with our
client’s long term goals.

Within our ETF portfolios, Oak Street Advisors may from time to time utilize open end funds if in our
opinion the fund manager provides sufficient value to justify the higher fees that most open end funds
charge for their services.  Open end funds are most often used for exposure to specialty markets where
superior research could provide superior returns.  Sometimes market dislocations may cause us to
utilize the expertise of an open end fund manager in other areas for short periods of time.

MoneyBall Dividend Income Strategy

Oak Street Advisors MoneyBall strategy involves investments in the common stock of companies that pay substantial
dividends.  Oak Street Advisors selects for inclusion in this portfolio companies we believe in aggregate will pay meaningful
dividend income and increase the dividend payouts on the shares of their common stock.  The portfolio has the following

  • Diversification – Rather than focus on just one or two sectors of the market with high dividend yields we attempt to
    include many different industries and market sectors to provide truly diversified holdings.
  • Current Income – Many of the clients who select this strategy need to generate income to supplement their pensions
    and social security payments during retirement.  Oak Street Advisors strives to maintain a meaningful level of current
    income from investments included in this strategy.
  • Income That Rises Over Time – Because prices for goods and services you purchase increase over time, Oak Street
    Advisors tries to include common stocks of companies we believe will increase their dividend over time.  Our goal is to
    provide income that increases about 3% to 5% annually.

Diversification is one of the keys to reducing risk or volatility in an individual portfolio.  Oak Street Advisors endeavors to
include companies from many different industries to minimize specific industry risk.  Some of the companies included in this
portfolio represent traditional income stocks such as utilities and real estate investment trusts, but companies from industries
traditionally considered ‘growth’ industries are also included.

The focus of the MoneyBall portfolio is on income generated.  However, the value of the shares within the portfolio will rise
and fall with changes in market conditions.   It is important to keep in mind that while dividends may provide some protection
to falling stock prices, it is certainly possible that the price of a share can fall by more than its total dividend payment.

While we try to invest in companies that can maintain and even increase the dividend payments to their common stock
holders, there may be times when a company we invest in will actually reduce or cease dividend payments.

As with all investments past performance is no indication of future returns.  Although Oak Street Advisors uses research
from sources we believe to be reliable in selecting securities for inclusion in the MoneyBall portfolio there is no assurance
that we will be successful.  

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